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My long-term incremental hearing loss first brought me to Audika. It was very difficult to discern conversation when there was background noise. My wife was tired of my asking, "What did you say?" I refer to my hearing instruments as "my best friends", and it's true. My son-in-law told my daughter, "Be careful what you say, your dad can hear us now." The Audika staff is always friendly and very helpful. I would recommend to anyone who feels they may have a problem with their hearing to swallow that lump of pride and get your hearing tested. Test drive the instruments that the folks at Audika recommend. These small devices will change your life for the better.

Paul, 62

Living with hearing loss

I came to Audika because I had a hard time understanding coversation and hearing in noisy rooms. With the new instruments, it made my life a whole lot better. The Audika staff is wonderful - always there when I need them. I would recommend anyone having challenges with their hearing to go to Audika.

Esther, 67

Living with hearing loss

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